PJ Med Ice & Bumpy Ice (Pepper Seeds)
PJ Med Ice & Bumpy Ice (Pepper Seeds)
PJ Med Ice & Bumpy Ice (Pepper Seeds)

PJ Med Ice & Bumpy Ice (Pepper Seeds)

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There's just so many slight color variations from Pimenta Jolokia.

C. Chinense 

From PJ Ice. Pimenta Jolokia first started out as Bhut x Pimenta De Neyde. From AISPES. The original seeds were supposed to be Peach/Pink but all plants gave Red and black variations in 2015. I thought I tracked the “Pimenta Jolokia “ name to those original Peach/Pink from Enrico Lai and Pepper Italia. I first found some Burnt Orange ripening peppers in 2016. Then in 2017 & 2018 they gave many more variations from each of the plants I planted from. The Burnt Orange led to all the Fire & Ice. I decided to keep everything as Pimenta Jolokia, as many have matched other known variations from Bhut x Neyde. 

The lineage and listings of PJ is for log purposes and to teach others how much one cultivar can jump around. Most are not for sale but go in mixed packs only. Also helps spot the obsessive renamers and fakes. Unfortunately people are still claiming new crosses from these and get upset about the different selections logged.

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