M.A.M.P. Berry (Pepper Seeds)
M.A.M.P. Berry (Pepper Seeds)
M.A.M.P. Berry (Pepper Seeds)
M.A.M.P. Berry (Pepper Seeds)

M.A.M.P. Berry (Pepper Seeds)

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10+ Seeds.

C. Chinense

"NoGum" Version from the MAMP Purple BerryGum.

M.A.M.P. stands for Mojo Adicted Mutation Pepper from Enrico Lai.  Enrico discovered a dark foliage, red ripening BBG in 2014 from his friend Arne's seeds. Enrico did a test cross with BBG and Pimenta De Neyde to see if that might have been the unknown cross. It couldn't be fully determined.  Enrico and enthusiasts found a plethora of variations with dark and green leaf phenotypes over the years. It has spawned about every color under the rainbow, with and without calyx. I got this color variant in 2017 from the original red pheno sent to me by Florissa Arroyo. I had thought Enrico named the variant "BerryGum". I was wrong. I couldn't find the information when he retired in 2018. I did notice some plants with different shading and I subsequently broke up the Purple from the Black phenos. Expect differences in size,shape, shade and some that don't carry the bleeding calyx. I even have suspicions that the pale yellow , green leaf, BBG that spawned the regular purplegums; may be MAMP. This is why it is always important pass on a peppers heritage & history. Known MAMP Phenotypes include........

Green Leaf BBG - White,Peach,Cream,Yellow,Orange,Calyx First Cream, Calyx First Red

Green Leaf NoGum/Calyx - Red long, Peach long

Dark Leaf BBG - Purple/Red, Black/Red, Black/Red Long, Black Red Calyx First, Purple/Cream, Purple/Peach, Burnt Purple

Dark Leaf NoGum/Calyx - Black, Black/Red, Black/Red Long, Purple/Cream, Purple/Peach, Black/Orange

Generation : F2

Heat Level : Very Hot/SuperHot

Species : 

Origin/Hybridizer : Arne Thies & Enrico Lai

Parents :  7 Pot Bubblegum Red x Unknown

Immature Pod Color : Purple 

Mature Pod Color : Purple/Peach/Cream

Production Level : Medium

Growing Tips : Gets Lanky

Size/Length : .2-4in Roundish

Foliage : Green/Purple/Dark shades

Flower Color : White with Purple

Taste Profile : Fruity/Citrus/Floral