Fresh Assorted Labeled  Peppers (SFRB) {Choose Option}
Fresh Assorted Labeled  Peppers (SFRB) {Choose Option}
Fresh Assorted Labeled  Peppers (SFRB) {Choose Option}
Fresh Assorted Labeled  Peppers (SFRB) {Choose Option}

Fresh Assorted Labeled Peppers (SFRB) {Choose Option}

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Small Flat Rate Box 

Very Limited

I Only Ship these boxes on Monday and Tuesday. ATTENTION!!...These boxes will ship within 1-3 weeks as they become available.  1-3 Weeks For Shipping  Not All Will Ship This week.

 No international shipping. U.S.A. Only.

Shipping is now $8 for 1 box. $12 for 2 boxes. $14 for 3 boxes. $15 for 4 boxes. If you choose the 1 box option for multiple boxes, I will refund your order. Please choose correctly.

The following types are  what is possible but not limited to, what can make it to your box.


7 Pot 007 Chocolate

7 Pot 007 Orange

7 Pot 007 Red

7 Pot Apocalypse

7 Pot Barackapere Choc x Bih Chc

7 Pot Barackapere Choc x Bih  Red

7 Pot BBG Apocalypse

7 Pot BBG Bhut Red

7 Pot BBG MAMP Black

7 Pot BBG MAMP Purple/Pink

7 Pot BBG Naga Peach Italia

7 Pot BBG Peach Ghost

7 Pot BBG Scorpion

7 Pot BBG Tiger MAMP Peach

7 Pot Brainstrain Chocolate

7 Pot Brainstrain Mustard

7 Pot Brainstrain Red

7 Pot Brainstrain Yellow

7 Pot Brown

7 Pot Bubblegum Yellow

7 Pot Bubblegum Chocolate

7 Pot Bubblegum Large

7 Pot Bubblegum Orange

7 Pot Bubblegum Orange Pumpkin

7 Pot Bubblegum Purple/Red

7 Pot Bubblegum Purple/Red XL

7 Pot Bubblegum Red

7 Pot Burgundy

7 Pot Caramel

7 Pot Chaguanas Red

7 Pot Chaguanas Yellow

7 Pot Chagunanas Orange

7 Pot Defcon Caramel

7 Pot Defcon Red

7 Pot Defcon Stinger

7 Pot Defcon X

7 Pot Green

7 Pot Jonah

7 Pot Jonah X PDN

7 Pot Jonah X PDN Dark

7 Pot Lava Chocolate

7 Pot Lava Red

7 Pot Lucy

7 Pot Mustard

7 Pot Mustard OCD F6

7 Pot Peach

7 Pot SR Strain Red

7 Pot SR Strain Yellow

7 Pot Yellow

7 Pot Yellow Golfball

Aji Bolsa De Dulce

Aji Fantasy

Aji Cachucha

Aji Colorado Orange

Aji Colorado Red

Aji Dulce Orange Unique

Aji Lemon

Aji Peruvian


Aleppo Halabe


Arroz Con Pollo

Bad Brains

Berbere Brown

Bhut Jolokia Purple Pumpkin

Bhut Jolokia Chocolate

Bhut Jolokia Indian Carbon Chocolate

Bhut Jolokia Indian Carbon Red

Bhut Jolokia Purple Sm Splotched

Bhut Jolokia Purple/Peach

Bhut Jolokia Purple/Red

Bhut Jolokia Red

Bhut Jolokia X Yellow Brain

Bhut Jolokia Yellow

Bhut Orange Copenhagen

BOC x Primo Cream F2

BOC x Primo Orange F3

BOC x Reaper Orange F3

BOC x Reaper Red F4

BOC x Reaper Red Sidekick F4

Bhut Peach Jamy

Bhutlah BBG Chocolate

Bhutlah BBG Red

Bhutlah Brown

Bhutlah Chocolate PL

Bhutlah Chocolate Cheesehead

Bhutlah Mustard

Bhutlah SLP

Bhutlat Red CS


Big Black Mama

Big Mustard Mama

Big Olive Mama

Big Red Mama

Big Yellow Mama

Biquinho Airetama

Biquinho Yellow

Bishop Cap Red

Black Scorpion Tongue

Bode Roxa

Borg 9 Chocolate Bleeding

Borg 9 Long

Borg 9 Orange

Borg 9 Peach

Borg 9 Red

Borg 9 w/tail

Brazilian Ghost Chocolate BJxCDxTS

Brazilian Ghost Red

Buena Mulata

Butch T x 7 Pod Jonah



Carolina Reaper BTR

Carolina Reaper Red

Carolina Reaper X JPGS

Chachule Negro

Cherry Bomb

Chili De Arbol

Congo Brown

Datil Sweet

Devils Tongue Peach

Devils Tongue White

Douglah Billy Boy Red

Douglah Billy Boy Yellow

Douglah Chocolate

Douglah Mustard

Douglah X Barakpere

Douglokia F4

Fatalii   Chocolate

Fatalii Yellow

FilFil Baladi


Ghost Scorpion Jays Peach

Ghost Scorpion Red TE F3

Ghost Scorpion Jays Peach Dark

Ghost Scorpion Yellow TE F3

Grenada Seasoning

Guwa X Chocolate F3

Guwa X Red F3

Habanero Red



Jalapeno Cilcon

Jalapeno Jes’s Orange/Purple

Jalapeno Siracha

Jalapeno X Bhut Fat (Ghostly Jap)

Jalapeno X Bhut (Ghostly Jap)

Jalapeno Zapotec


Jes’s Moranga Peach F3

Jes’s Moranga Peach XL F2

Jes’s Moranga Purple/Peach F3

Jes’s Moranga Purple/Red F3

Jes’s Moranga Red F3

Jes’s Morangum Orange

Jes’s Morangum Red F3


Jigsaw x TMSB F3

Jonahs Red Brains

Jonah's Yellow Brains



MA Daisycutter

MA Daisycutter Flat

MA Wartyx

MA Wartyx Stretch

MA Wartyx Variant

Madballz Red

Mols Red Stripe

Moruga Brown

Moruga Caramel

Moruga Chocolate

Moruga Mustard

Moruga Red

Moruga x Bubblegum Bleeding

Moruga Yellow

MorugaBrains Red

Murupi Amarelia

Murupi Amarelia x Primo X

Naga Caramel

Naga Dorset Orange

Naga Dorset Red

Naga King Red

Naga Morich

Naga Peach

Naga Red

Naga White (7 Pot Pheno)

Nagareaper Chocolate

Naglah Red

Naglah Brown

Naglah x Moruga

Naga Chocolate



Peri Peri

Pimenta Jolokia Black

Pimenta Jolokia Mojo CF

Pimenta Jolokia Mojo Red

Pimenta Jolokia Red Smooth

Pimenta Lepard

Pimenta Puma

Pimenta Puma Red

Piperka Mini

Primo Chocolate

Primo Orange

Primo X Red

Primo X Chocolate

Primo X Douglah

Primo Yellow

Purple Flower Baccatum

Purple INT

Purple Ufo

Ramirez Stinger

Roxa Lantern F2


Scorpion Green

Scorpion I Scream Yellow

Scorpion I Scream Red

Scorpion Large

Scorpion Orange Long Tail

Scorpion Peach Drop

Scorpion Red

Scorpion SRTSL

Scotch Bonnet Caramel

Scotch Bonnet Chocolate

Scotch Bonnet Peach

Scotch Bonnet x 7 Pot Jonah


South African Finger Chili

Sugar Rush Cream

Sugar Rush Peach Twisted

Sugar Rush Red

Swiss Chocolate


Tabasco Yellow Short

Taj Mahal Orange Minion

Taj Mahal Orange Tiger

Taj Mahal Pink/Peach

Taj Mahal Pink Minion

Tekne Dolmasi

Tepin x Lemon Drop


Thai Orange Large

Tiger Black

Tiger Pink

Tiger Red

Trepadiera Do Werner

Trilop Ucburun Biber

Trinidad Beans Chocolate

Trinidad Beans Red

Turks Cap


Urruguay Seasoning

Viper x Purple Bhut F4


Zimbabpque Bird