Big Red Mama (Pepper Seeds)
Big Red Mama (Pepper Seeds)

Big Red Mama (Pepper Seeds)

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C. Chinense

Troy Primeaux created the Big Mama. It's known as a cross between a Naga Morich and a 7 Pot Douglah.  Red was the original color he sent out as "Big Red Mama Naga". It spawned a Yellow & a Chococlate/Black variation for a few people. I believe Jami Hendricks was the first to send Troy the color variations back. This is also why you will see some shape variations between growers. Those who kept growing out and sharing their variations left room for many to make different selections. It was grown out all over the world. Big Black Mama subsequently spawned the Big Mustard Mama. Very large and extremely hot, productive plants that seem to hold up well to heat and humidity.