7 Pot Defcon Caramel (Pepper Seeds)

7 Pot Defcon Caramel (Pepper Seeds)

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 10+ Seeds. This is one of the hottest 7 Pot variants I've come across. Reminds me of a "Predator" face. This caramel version appeared from some standard Red Defcons. 7 Pots are originally from the island of Trinidad. The Name comes from the ability of one pepper to heat 7 pots worth of stew. 

Generation : F4

Heat Level : SuperHot

Species : Chinense

Origin/Hybridizer : Color Variant Found By T-E

Parents : 7 Pot Defcon Red

Immature Pod Color : Light Green 

Mature Pod Color : Caramel

Production Level : High

Growing Tips : Not Moisture tolerant 

Plant Size : Large,Robust

Pod Size/Length : 2-4 in, Rounded shapes with bumps and indention's

Foliage : Green

Flower Color : White

Taste Profile : slight fruit tones and pepper forward