7 Pot "007" Red (Pepper Seeds)
7 Pot "007" Red (Pepper Seeds)
7 Pot "007" Red (Pepper Seeds)

7 Pot "007" Red (Pepper Seeds)

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10+ Seeds. Butch T. creation. Known for inwards growth and sometimes little peppers inside. Original is red, but my initial seeds gave me chocolate and orange also. Small variations between shape is common. Plants tend to do well in moist shaded conditions.


Generation : N/A

Heat Level : SuperHot

Species : Chinense

Hybridizer : Butch Taylor

Parents : N/A

Immature Pod Color : Green 

Mature Pod Color : Red

Production Level : High

Growing Tips : Moisture Hardy

Size/Length : 2-5 cm Roundish

Foliage : Green

Flower Color : White

Taste Profile : Fruity

Reviews : https://youtu.be/ICbxcY8-b6I