Bryan’s Blood (Burgundy) (Pepper Seeds)

Bryan’s Blood (Burgundy) (Pepper Seeds)

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10+ F5 Seeds

C. Annuum

Mix of all the Green & White variations. About 20 possible selections.

Eric Knight made the cross and Rich Blood grew F1 to supply all of the F2 seed. These are a selection from Bryan Townshend. Cross was created by Eric in dedication to Rich Blood and myself for the inspiration to dive into peppers. Eric has been a flower hybridizer for around 30 years. He is very well versed in genetics and holds a lot of personal experience. This is a cross with Scarlett’s Chili and Poblano. There is still  some variation in size from this selection, but it’s a real stunner with some decent heat coming close to some Habanero types. Eric is currently working in some more Poblano genetics in efforts to solidify a similar, milder pepper that retains variegation. A beautiful variegated, striped stuffing pepper is the end goal for this hybrid. Some other variations from this cross include purple foliage and fruit before ripening.